Welcome to Wonder of All Things, my ever-evolving blogging adventure.  I began this blog in 2009 as a creative outlet -- I needed a project that motivated me to write regularly.  Which it did...some of the time (not exactly regularly now, is it??).  So, maybe I haven't yet found my regular writing groove, but I trust it's coming...

I never realized how poignant a title "Wonder of All Things" would be until my blog morphed from short pieces about my relationship with nature into, first, a meditation journal and currently, a record of the ways I inspire myself in the day-to-day to stay present, to invite new experiences and through this, to tap into the inherent joy in Life.  It is this spirit of creative discovery that is at the heart of each incarnation of this blog.

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."  As a student of the Universe and explorer of the Soul, this blog is a chronicle of the ways this ordinary woman seeks to experience a most extraordinary, authentic -- and yes, examined -- existence.  Through my experiences, wild ideas, thoughts and reflections, I share with you my quest for a well-lived life.  And through this, I hope to inspire you, my readers, to uncover the creative wonder of your lives as well.

So welcome, fellow adventurers!  It is my intention for each of us that whatever we come to experience in our lives, we allow ourselves the space to view it with new eyes, to let ourselves be surprised and challenged, to grow into our wholeness, and to live our lives with heart...and an unabashed sense of wonder.

Journey on!