Monday, October 31, 2011

Third Eye Blind

I had a dream the other night that I had three eyes, the third being in between the others where the metaphysical Third Eye would be.

(photo from

In my dream, I was walking and talking with friends and caught my reflection in a store window as we passed by.  There it was, this unmistakable Third Eye that was an actual, fully functioning eye. I was startled by its strange beauty, intrigued and in awe of it.  And then, in the middle of appreciating the wonder of it, I became distinctly aware that no one else had one.  The result?


In the dream I was suddenly gripped with fear.  Fear that people would think I was weird.  Fear that no one would understand.  Fear that no one would love me anymore.  Fear that I was different.  Fear that this part of me that I was enchanted with and in awe of would be considered ugly or freakish and I would be shunned.

I wonder...are we all born with a fully functioning Third Eye?  A connection to our spiritual selves, to the divine within -- the same divinity from which we just came?  I think we are.  I liken the Third Eye to our sixth sense -- a doorway to our intuition, that for most of us, as we approach school age, we let close because of peer pressure, to make nice, to get along.  Especially if we're not taught how to honor its wisdom.  The result is that it keeps trying to get our attention, as we have all the answers we need inside of us, and we struggle to remember how to really see, to access that wellspring of knowledge within us. We are hindered by our blindness.  For many, this remembering can occupy much of our adult lives. A great challenge, compounded in this culture that doesn't much value the esoteric, but the rational mind instead. My dream represents that struggle.

How many of us have gifts, talents, loves that we shun in ourselves out of fear because we're scared of what others might think if we developed them to the best of our ability?  How many of us pretend our biggest dreams and our deepest passions don't exist because we want to fit in -- because we're afraid to rock the boat?

What my dream didn't show was that we need to remember that we all have the same odd eye, the same intuitive pull, the same gut that provides us with much sought after information for us on the journey of our lives.  We need to remember that we all have hopes and dreams and are wishing in some way to live that inspired life directed from within.

What if, in honoring our own "Third Eye", we were granting permission to everyone else in our lives to honor theirs?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
It's off to trick-or-treat with the kiddos for me.  I had a mid-day enchilada to take care of lunch, which I was too busy at work to scrounge together, and dinner, which I will be too full of candy to enjoy!  This early dinner has supplied me with a good base so if when I indulge a little this evening, I can handle my sugar and still get to sleep tonight.

A safe, fun and happy Halloween to all!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lake Effect

The morning was a bit warmer than yesterday, though still cool with the increasing wind. The Big Lake had a little more attitude that she had since we arrived...looking more like ocean than lake, lulling us with the sound of crashing waves.  My favorite!

For what it's worth, I tried to take a video but it ended up too big to download to the blog, so imagine if you will, the waves splashing into the shore and make the sound wwwshhhh, wwwshhh, wwwshhh while looking at this picture if you want the full effect.  I always knew blogging was a collaborative practice :)

We ate breakfast this morning at Lutsen Lodge, down the hill from where we were staying this weekend, as we did on the morning we got married.  Quite the weekend of reminiscing!  Terry had the buffet and I went for my eggs benedict, per usual.  It was delicious!
The english muffins were toasted perfectly...and I adore the crispy little shreds on the top of the hash browns!

Here was the view from the table...beautiful stoic oak with the rolling waves of the Big Lake right behind it.  Sheer bliss...I'm telling you!

While we were eating, at the next table there was a couple chatting with one of the employees about the magic of Lake Superior.  Once I realized what they were talking about, I couldn't help but listen in.  The couple were telling the young man who worked there about how they each had fallen in love with the lake.  "Love at first sight," the man had said.

I smiled, thinking, who wouldn't?  Because of course, Terry and I are each connected to the lake in our own unique yet similar ways.

The young man called it, "The Lake Effect"...what the lake, this particular Great Lake, does to people. I wholeheartedly agree -- and of course LOVE hearing other people talking about it!  Wonder, wonder, wonder!

In my experience, the lake enchants people.  Soothes them.  Invites them in to set down their worries and concerns and fears...just set them down and let the water wash them away.  Being in the presence of such gentleness and power fills us with awe and reminds us that we are simultaneously witnessing both exactly who we are at our core and something greater than ourselves. Spending any time in its company is just good for the soul.

It's the exploration of that very mystery that keeps us coming back for more.

And it's true.  Before hearing the other people talking, I was sitting in silence at our breakfast table, waiting for my food to arrive, watching the waves roll in, pull out, roll in again and I told Terry that my heart just felt calm, pure, happy.  The joy and the wonder all jumbled up together in a way that settled me into the complete and utter knowing that all was right with the world.

That's the magic of the Big Lake, if only we quiet enough to hear her song to us.  No need to fret or to busy ourselves or to try.  Just be.

It's enough.//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
We are pretty exhausted after our foray into the North Woods, so after coming home and fetching the dog, we decided something low key was best. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup fit the bill just perfectly...and warmed our bellies as well!

Sleep well, all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

We're exhausted after a big day of exploring the Gunflint Trail, searching for Moose, and spotting eagles and hawks and grouse, oh my!  As I type, Terry is taking his well-deserved birthday nap while I sit in the sunny window seat in our room overlooking the ski hill and the Big Lake.  OH NO!  The sun is ssssslllloooowwwwly dipping below the hill........ :(

The day began with an early drive to Grand Marais for breakfast.
Look at that lovely lake!  Good morning, lake! :)

We went to the Blue Water Cafe...

...and started with hot chocolate -- did I mention it was 34 degrees when we hopped in the car??!?  The hot chocolate was so good, we sucked all the REAL whipped cream off the top before I could get a picture (surprise!!).
Birthday boy is smiling this morning!!!  Sugar shock?  Caffeine?? Hard to tell. Happy 34th Birthday, honey (again)!

Breakfast was fantastic!  Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries imported from Sweden.  A first time having Lingonberries for me -- trying new things is the best!  They taste a bit like cranberries...small, tart and delicious!  Did I mention, MORE REAL Whipped Cream?? :)  Birthday boy had a ham + cheese omelet with blueberry pancakes (his favorite!).  Life is good!

Bellies full, we drove up the Gunflint looking for some fun hikes.  Our first stop was at a spot where we could hike into a moose habitat.
Here's the snow I promised you!  Eeeeeek!  It's really around the corner, isn't it??

At the head of the trail was this very informative sign, all about spotting Moose.  I LOVE these naturalist signs the DNR posts on hiking trails.  They are hilarious!  As instructed, we put on our Moose Sleuth hats and began our search...

...and found a '55 DeSoto, instead.  No, I'm not that good at my car identification...there was actually a little wooden sign with the details.  Crazy!

We arrived at the habitat and sure enough, NO MOOSE! :(

But, we got some gorgeous pictures instead.  Fair trade.

We continued on along the Gunflint.  I wanted to drive all the way to the end because I had never been before, so we did.  It's a long drive!  But worth every second of it.

Our second stop was a hike into the 2007 Ham Lake wildfire area. Devastating, and yet after four years, hope is alive in the form of... pine trees!  Go, little guys, go!

To give you an idea of how much work those little jack pines have ahead of them...
...incredible.  Gives new meaning to the word "tenacity".

There are days when I wish I wore a pedometer -- the map said the trail was 3 miles round trip but I swear it was 3 miles there and 3 miles back.  It took us forever to get to our destination...The Magnetic Rock!

From down the trail, at first view it looked like a Stonehenge type formation, but of course, it is only one rock (can't even imagine how cool Stonehenge's on the bucket list!).  It is noted to have a strong magnetic attraction...but of course, we'll have to take their word for it since we didn't bring a compass or magnet or anything else we could test it on.  I tried meditating near it to see if I could sense anything different but all the shaking I was doing was because the temps were still in the 30's!

To give a little perspective on how big it is, can you see little itty bitty Country Mouse taking a picture??

We hiked double-time back to the car because we were getting hungry...
...and drove all the way back into town (about 45 minutes) for a quick lunch at the infamous Sven & Ole's and visited a couple of shops before heading back to Lutsen.

We never did take our Moose Sleuth hats off, so even though we never saw a real moose, we did manage to find some moose tracks outside of the Sivertson Gallery!
Close enough!//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
For this evening's celebration, we're heading to Tofte to Bluefin Bay where we spent our honeymoon eleven years ago.  Near and dear to our hearts...

Have a great night!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Never a Dull Moment...

We're here, we have free internet access and a view of Lusten Mountain, a beautiful sunset and almost a view of the Big lake from our room.  Hooray!  I love it up here and am so glad to have arrived.

We have encountered much since we left home at noon.  

We made lunch and ate in the car...this has to be a first for us.  What was exciting was that we both realized how good it felt to save $10 by eating what we had in the fridge.  What's happening to us??

About an hour out of town, I had a migraine set in.  I get migraines once or twice per year and while we were driving, the visual aura started that precedes a migraine.  One second I was looking at my phone, the next second I saw the aura, the second after that I was digging in my purse for some Advil, and the second after that I was asleep.  After 25 years of this, I've learned that if I can take Advil at the very first sign of the aura and close my eyes, I'll generally be fine.  Low grade headache, yes, but not paralyzing as it can be if I wait.  Low grade headache I can manage.  And not that I needed an excuse for an hour long nap, but I must have needed it because I was out cold.  Thankfully I had my driver!

I have been looking for a cool orange color of nail polish all this fall and my friend Nik hooked me up.  She said Opi has just come out with a whole line of Muppet nailpolishes (awesome!) and I think this is one of them.  I don't know the name, it wasn't on the bottle, but it's like copper with glitter and shines in the sun.  LOVE IT!  And what better place to show it off than on the dashboard of the car??!?

At long last, we reached Duluth...and as promised, I dipped my toes in the Big Lake.  (Brrrrrr!)

Hello Lake! :)

 City Mouse, Country Mouse and BL -- we're home!

And then, it began to pour cats and dogs.  The clouds looked like they were coming out of the lake itself -- very cool.

And then it stopped.  We decided to drive up to Palisade Head, a really steep hill to drive, sheer cliff down into the water...amazing views from all sides.

Even with all the rain, there was barely a breeze and the water was still.  I absolutely adore all the moods of the lake.  One day I'll share with you a particularly nasty mood we once witnessed...

One of my favorite sights ever...Terry taking photos.  For a sample of his work, click here!

At Palisade, just turning around and looking up, this is what I saw...if I moved the camera two inches over, you'd see rain clouds.  What crazy weather.  At least it isn't snowing...yet!  The temp is in the mid-30's right now so I may have very different pictures for you tomorrow!

Then, there was a rainbow...teeny, perhaps (can you even see it?) but it was there.  We nearly skidded off the road (kidding!) flipping a U turn to find a road down to the water so we could capture it.

Down by the water we found this...thank god we'll be safe this weekend!

Have a great night!//

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogger Brain + Beginner's Mind

Blogging daily for the past month or so has been a really good time.  Creating something new everyday.  New ways of thinking about things.  Learning more than I can even believe.  I can barely keep up most days -- the ideas just keep coming fast and furious.  If only you could see my dining room table, it's covered with post-its of all colors and sizes, scribbled with different topics, ideas, quotes, websites to name it, it's showing up and it's all I can do to get it down on...

...what?  Yeah, I could take a picture of the table and show them.  What a good idea!  Why didn't I think of that??  (Because I'd have to get up off the couch, that's why!)  I'll be sure to write it on a post-it and save the idea for another day.  What color, what color...

So now you get what I mean.  Sharp, witty, amazing (!) ideas popping up at every moment...I can hardly keep a single train of thought.  Which is really not that big of a deal -- I am an expert multi-tasker after all -- but when it's time to slow down, time to relax and to reconnect, when it's time to meditate, I feel like a gerbil on speed.

Not that I'd know what that feels like...

The second I wake up in the morning, the ideas start coming.  I sit down to meditate and before I know it, my fifteen minutes have absolutely flown by.  Great, right?  Except I wasn't present for more than three or four of them.  My mind is flitting off to every which place, crafting the best sentence, coming up with the catchiest title.  Sure, I realize I'm off in neverneverland now and again and direct my attention back to the breath, but in a second my awareness scurries off somewhere else.  Sometimes, just sometimes, if the sentence I'm wordsmithing is particularly compelling, I don't even try to refocus.  I'm having too much fun!

Fun, yes.  There's a huge argument for fun.  Fun is a big part of what this blog is all about.  But after the fact, I'm keenly aware that I'm not getting the job done.  What good is meditation if there is no break from my thoughts?  What good does it do if my mind is running rampant?  Doesn't that put me back right where I started from?

Yes, and no.  I'm not back where I started -- my mind isn't the same as it was a year ago.  My relationship with it isn't the same as it was a year ago.  But I do need to go back to the beginning.

What do we do when we think we've reached a particular destination or milestone, when we think we've got it all figured out, when we've become familiar with doing things a certain way and then things (*gasp*) change?

Acceptance is allowing me to let go of what I thought my meditation practice was before Blogger Brain came calling and to open to the possibility of what it might be now that I'm honoring and meeting my new and different needs.  I'm still showing up morning and evening...that part sticks and is my priceless foundation.  Now?  I need to be patient.  My mind is back to romping like the restless puppy it was when I began daily meditation -- but this time, it's a black lab instead of a boxer.  The tools I need are those same ones that were useful the first time around.  Same training, different dog.  Instead of fighting my mind, instead of reprimanding it and growing tired of its meanderings, Beginner's Mind allows me to be the gentle, calmly assertive trainer who is well-versed in sharpening the mind's focus bit by bit to guide it back to the breath.  To life in my body.  To my experience of the moment.  Whatever my experience of the moment may be.

Sure, a full fifteen minutes of connection would be fantastic -- but the three or four I'm getting are way better than nothing at all.  Just show up, and let things unfold.  Just like before.

Blogger Brain is pushing the edges of my comfort zone, as do all valuable creative journeys we take in our lives.  What I know this time around is the importance of not getting stuck in my mind...I need a fully embodied experience, too.  There's a different level of balance that I need, that I think we all need when our energy is being expended in new and challenging ways.

Meditation is still the most valuable tool in my toolbox to date.  But I need to approach it from the place of the Beginner's Mind.  If we all can find a way to start over with ourselves when new challenges show up in our lives, we can approach our day-to-day life from a more centered place...even if we encounter moments when we can't seem to finish a t.h.o.u.g...h......t...//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
We're heading to the hills of the North Shore tomorrow, so eating things up is high on the list of priorities.  We didn't do much grocery shopping this week in anticipation of our adventure, so there wasn't much to do but Build Your Own Pizza...this time on the quickest and easiest crust -- flatbread!

There are a thousand kinds of flatbread available at any supermarket these days.  I like to use the Indian flatbread, Naan, from Whole Foods.  There are four pieces per package and I throw them in the freezer for nights like this.  Just pull one out, top it up and throw it in the oven at 400 for 10-12 minutes.  Quick, delicious and nutritious!  Well, depending on what you top it with, I guess.

My creation is homemade pesto sauce that I keep sealed in the fridge for just such a purpose, lots of chopped up spinach, the squash I roasted this past weekend, fresh leeks from the garden and shredded mozz. So incredibly good!

The olive oil in the pesto makes for some crispy edges on the crust -- I love the crispy edges!

Sweets dreams, my friends!  Next post will be -- if the technology gods are looking favorably upon me -- from the road.  Happy travels!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Confessions of a City Mouse

I have to admit, Rinata was not at all where I thought it was.  Not at Lake + Hennepin as I presumed, but at 24th + Hennepin...a mere mile away.  Not in the "beautiful space" I said I remembered -- what was once that beautiful space is now some cowboy bar or something.  I didn't quite get the name of said bar in my horror as we drove by and I realized it was all wrong -- meanwhile, trying not to run over any pedestrians, bikers or get creamed by another car.  In fact, in that moment I also realized I had never even been to Giorgio's before and have absolutely no idea if it was a rustic Italian restaurant or not.

How's that for reliable blogging?  Next time, I'll try to get my facts right.  Or maybe I'll settle for being just a little more accurate instead...

In my (weak) defense, I grew up in Minneapolis and so, of course, had the undeniable sense that I not only knew where we were going, but that I couldn't possibly be wrong.  Until I was.

Funny how we have an idea in our head of what's right and in the face of proof to the contrary, it takes a second to reshuffle the deck and see what shows up next.  Can I let go?  Can I ride the wave?  Can I please not kill anybody, or us, in the process?  Yes...and it doesn't hurt to have an iPhone to consult, even if it is your husband's and he's enjoying your wrongness a little...too...much.

Country Mouse (him) offered that he thought perhaps City Mouse (me) has lived in the country a little too long.  Hmmmmm.

Perhaps it's time to turn in my City Mouse membership card?

Ha!  Never!

What doesn't kill us counts as a legitimate adventure, no? :)  Especially when the adventure ends in gelato.

But I get ahead of myself...

All that nonsense aside, we still managed to arrive on time for our reservation and had an amazing experience at Rinata.

The space was beautiful.  Where we sat is just a little cove off of the main part of the restaurant -- we didn't get a good look at the rest of it, but our table was great.

Country Mouse just LOVES having his picture taken...

We had a nice long chat with our server about the wine list.  I have to admit how refreshing it is to talk with an educated waitstaff who isn't pretentious about wine, cares enough to determine what we're looking for and hits a homerun with the suggestion.  He pointed us to this Italian number, which Terry had been interested in as well, so we treated ourselves...being 1/2 price wine night and all.  I just LOVE 1/2 price wine night!  It was the last bottle of its kind in the restaurant, which somehow made it feel that much more special.  It was really nice -- light, jammy, with a hint of raspberry tea.

For $15 each, we had the Restaurant Week Tasting Menu where we had a choice of three starters, our choice of three entrees, with house-made gelato (*shudder*) for dessert. Such a deal -- and precisely why I adore going out during Restaurant Week!

After we ordered, our server brought out a breadbasket with a plate of olive oil and tapenade for dipping.  It was absolutely incredible!  Being a bread girl by trade, I kept trying to figure out what the secret to their focaccia could be -- there were flecks of bran in it so I know it had some degree of wheat flour which usually adds some heaviness, but the texture was so light and creamy.  How do they do that?  I might have to go back...if only for the bread and tapenade!

For starters, I had the Bruschetta with cannellini beans, cauliflower and basil almond pesto.  I chose this particular starter because when we went to al Vento for Restaurant Week last spring, I had something similar which was to die for.  This one wasn't bad, but it missed the mark compared with the one I had before.  Not much flavor at all and the beans were a little too tough.

What's funny is here I thought by choosing Rinata, we had chosen a brand new restaurant to try...when in fact, it seemed familiar because it is part owned by Jonathan Hunt, who is the sole owner of al Vento!  What are the odds?!

Terry's salad, baby arugula with Marsala poached pear, pistachio, red onion and bleu cheese was incredible.  It was my first choice, but my only "rule" of these tasting menus -- if you can even call it a rule -- is that we have to choose different things so we can taste more of what's offered.  Oh, but I wish I had ordered this salad!  I hardly ever consider a salad a meal, but I could with this one.  I only had one teeny bite (Terry was fighting me back with his fork), but it was that good.

The restaurant wasn't too busy, so we were a little surprised that our entrees took a while to come out.  I'm all for not being rushed in a restaurant, especially a nicely lit, relaxing one such as this, but I feel I have a pretty keen sense of when it's taking too long.

But when our food arrived, it was so very worth the wait!  Terry had the spaghetti with house made meatballs and tomato sugo.  I admit to not generally being a meatball fan, but these were absolutely fantastic.  Tender, tasty..."like buttah"!

I had the lasagna with roasted vegetables, ricotta, with a combination of tomato sugo and parmesan cream sauce.  That sauce combo is my absolute favorite and this didn't disappoint.  YUM!

You can't tell how much I enjoyed it, can you?  I had to restrain myself to save room for dessert.  But I wasn't, for a second, going to waste an ounce of that sauce....  The rest of my dinner came home in a box with the rest of Terry's dinner and the last piece of bread.  Now that's a leftover meal I can get behind!

Ah, beautiful gelato!  We could choose between vanilla bean or peach, so naturally, we got one of each.  Terry wasn't crazy about the peach so he ate most of the vanilla.  I thought the peach was peacherific, so I had no trouble taking care of that one (and a little vanilla bean for good measure).  Smooth, creamy, dreams were sweet, I assure you!

What do you mean it's weird to dream of gelato??

We will absolutely visit Rinata again...and al Vento, too, for that matter.  It's important to have favorites!

It's a precious thing to benefit from others clearly doing exactly what they are meant to be doing in this world.  Thank you, Mr. Hunt, for living your passion and sharing it so deliciously with the rest of us!//

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What a difference a day makes.  Twenty-four hours ago, it was mild, in the 50's, barely a breeze and calmer than calm outside.  Today, it's windy, bordering on cold, and it's heavy...I don't know how else to describe it.  It just feels heavy out there, overcast to the point where it seems like the sky will simply burst into tears at any minute.

I'm grateful then, that I took the opportunity to come home early yesterday and finish some things up in the yard.

The garden is now fully turned, covered with compost and almost ready for winter.  When I say almost, it's because I haven't planted my garlic yet...soon, very soon.

The compost bin is full and happy.  We're trying to figure out where to put our second compost bin...we need a new one to be filling while this one gets to cook, otherwise I'll never have any compost to use!  Love composting, but it takes time, sweet time.

While I worked, Trooper was on critter patrol.  Protecting me from the varmints is her favorite pastime while we're out working.  Second to lying comatose in the sun, that is.  Yesterday, there just wasn't quite enough warm sunshine for that...

Hard to be thinking about settling in for winter when there are still flowers blooming!  Tiger lilies of some sort here...

...sunny yellows of another sort there...

 ...and snapdragons still going crazy!  Even though snapdragons are technically considered annuals for this part of the world (Zone 4), these little babies came back this spring and have flourished!  All because I didn't get around to pulling them out of the ground before the snow started flying (about THIS time last year...).  Who knew??  You can bet I'm going to leave them alone in hopes that they'll come back next year as well.

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District came by to put an official sign in our raingarden to let our neighbors know what the heck the big divot in the yard filled with plants and mulch is for.  Look for the 2012 Blue Thumb Workshops listing on their website for class information on raingardens and how to build one of your own -- and get a grant in the process!  I'm totally open to talking to anyone about it who's interested.

I dug up my dahlias and am preparing them to overwinter.  This is new to me...I was told to put them in a paper bag packed with a bunch of sawdust or peat moss to insulate them and absorb any moisture.  Store in the basement and plant in the spring.  Can't wait to see how this works...I LOVE dahlias!

The irises have been shorn and put to bed and the bulbs have been replanted.  Daffodils, tulips, teeny tiny irises and other goodies long as the squirrels don't go crazy and dig 'em up...

Terry arrived home in time to rake the me, he was thrilled.  When I was done with my varied tasks, I jumped in on the fun!  We raked the leaves down the hill into the woods to naturally compost.  I am so grateful we don't have to bag leaves!

As a ceremonial end of the chores celebration, we torched the burn pile that had grown throughout the past month.  Everything I trim or cut ends up in the fire ring.  Nice kindling for an evening fire.

At long last, our work was done and Oktoberfest beckoned us.  Hard work well rewarded!  Looking at the weather right now, I'm so very glad we got it done y-e-s-t-e-r-d-a-y...

I adore the Lake Superior Oktoberfest and can't wait to be visiting Duluth this weekend, where we will say a Big hello to the Great Lake, dip our toes, visit the scene of the crime (we got married on the North Shore 11 short years ago) and I'll have the opportunity to try blogging on the go.  Lots of family history there...maybe I'll even get a picture of the Lion at the old house on London Road?!?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
As I mentioned yesterday, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine's Restaurant Week runs through Friday.  What is it?  It's a fun way to try a new restaurant (or restaurants, depending on how wild and crazy you are) for a fairly discounted price.  Many participating restaurants around the Twin Cities offer specially priced tasting menus for lunch ($10) and/or dinner ($15 or $30).

For our adventure, we chose Rinata -- a recent addition to the Lake + Hennepin scene.  We chose it for three reasons: first, it was in the $15 per person price range, which we preferred since we're going north for the weekend, second, we really enjoyed Giorgio's, another rustic Italian restaurant who used to be in that same space (the space is gorgeous), and third, they're offering homemade gelato for their dessert course.  I mean, come on...who can say no to that?

What I love is that via the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine website, you not only get to view what the tasting menus for each restaurant are, you can make reservations online.  Which we did in two seconds flat.  Easy peasy...and I LOVE easy peasy!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's All Rinata post...

What are you having for dinner tonight?