Friday, October 28, 2011

Never a Dull Moment...

We're here, we have free internet access and a view of Lusten Mountain, a beautiful sunset and almost a view of the Big lake from our room.  Hooray!  I love it up here and am so glad to have arrived.

We have encountered much since we left home at noon.  

We made lunch and ate in the car...this has to be a first for us.  What was exciting was that we both realized how good it felt to save $10 by eating what we had in the fridge.  What's happening to us??

About an hour out of town, I had a migraine set in.  I get migraines once or twice per year and while we were driving, the visual aura started that precedes a migraine.  One second I was looking at my phone, the next second I saw the aura, the second after that I was digging in my purse for some Advil, and the second after that I was asleep.  After 25 years of this, I've learned that if I can take Advil at the very first sign of the aura and close my eyes, I'll generally be fine.  Low grade headache, yes, but not paralyzing as it can be if I wait.  Low grade headache I can manage.  And not that I needed an excuse for an hour long nap, but I must have needed it because I was out cold.  Thankfully I had my driver!

I have been looking for a cool orange color of nail polish all this fall and my friend Nik hooked me up.  She said Opi has just come out with a whole line of Muppet nailpolishes (awesome!) and I think this is one of them.  I don't know the name, it wasn't on the bottle, but it's like copper with glitter and shines in the sun.  LOVE IT!  And what better place to show it off than on the dashboard of the car??!?

At long last, we reached Duluth...and as promised, I dipped my toes in the Big Lake.  (Brrrrrr!)

Hello Lake! :)

 City Mouse, Country Mouse and BL -- we're home!

And then, it began to pour cats and dogs.  The clouds looked like they were coming out of the lake itself -- very cool.

And then it stopped.  We decided to drive up to Palisade Head, a really steep hill to drive, sheer cliff down into the water...amazing views from all sides.

Even with all the rain, there was barely a breeze and the water was still.  I absolutely adore all the moods of the lake.  One day I'll share with you a particularly nasty mood we once witnessed...

One of my favorite sights ever...Terry taking photos.  For a sample of his work, click here!

At Palisade, just turning around and looking up, this is what I saw...if I moved the camera two inches over, you'd see rain clouds.  What crazy weather.  At least it isn't snowing...yet!  The temp is in the mid-30's right now so I may have very different pictures for you tomorrow!

Then, there was a rainbow...teeny, perhaps (can you even see it?) but it was there.  We nearly skidded off the road (kidding!) flipping a U turn to find a road down to the water so we could capture it.

Down by the water we found this...thank god we'll be safe this weekend!

Have a great night!//

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