Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grateful Beyond Measure

Today has been a day of many blessings.  I was fortunate to be born during the most beautiful time of year, in the most beautiful locale imaginable.  And apparently, this is the date with the most birthdays!  Who knew?!  A bunch of us New Year's babies, I guess...and guess who's mom's birthday is December 31st?!? ;)

As I do every year, I took the day off to treat myself to whatever strikes my fancy.  Today, I couldn't help but take a drive through the old stomping grounds, Minneapolis' chain of lakes, decked out in her colorful finery.  A hearty shout out to the Big Mama (yes, Mother Nature) for contributing the backdrop and temps in the 80's for this most magical of birthdays.

Among my blessings is that I have the most amazing family and friends whose every gesture big and small  brings unspeakable joy to my life.  My 7:30am wake up call from my nephew, and shortly thereafter, my niece (hereafter known as "the kiddos") was a highlight, as well as the mums they brought by while I was off adventuring on my own late this morning.  To one and all, thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to my life!  I'm so dang lucky! :)

Where was I adventuring, you ask?  I was at The Wellness Center in Minneapolis partaking in their float tank!  Every birthday I like to do something different, try something new, stretch my comfort zone a bit as entry into the new year.  As I strolled along Lake Calhoun, I was setting an intention for the new year and what came was, "Let go, ride the wave," another way to say go with the flow, I suppose.  Fitting I was on my way to float for 90 minutes!

It was pretty different than I expected -- not sure what I expected, really.  It was small and maybe if I had a problem with spaces, I might have had an issue.  But I don't, so I didn't.  The float tank is just this door that opens, you climb in and are in about 6" of water, you close the door, have the option of music or no music, light on or no light, you lay down and the water has so much salt in it, you are completely buoyant and just float.  They say it's like being in the Dead Sea...although perhaps not quite so picturesque!
Kind of a goofy picture with the flash on the camera, it looks like it glows, but I wanted to give you all a picture of what the heck I was getting myself into (in case you feel adventurous!).

It was awesome.  Truly.  I went without light and without music...meditation experience helped me but I still have to admit to a very busy mind.  It is so incredibly relaxing, no sound, no makes you realize how much we have on a daily basis to tune out, even at night.  What a great break from the daily "stuff" of our lives.  I felt like I was in a completely different universe when I got out.  I loved it and will definitely be back.  If you give it a go, please let me know!

Birthday completed with a walk at our beloved Ritter Farm and dinner at our friends' Joan and Paul's house. With wine from Vino Conbrio (miss you, Anne!).  All in all, a wonderful day.//

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Pizza from Red Barn Pizza Farm in Northfield.  Normally, we go there for a picnic, wood-fired pizza style, but tonight decided to try take out.  They are amazing.  Truly.  It's late in the season, but if you get a chance, PLEASE GO!  I'm not sure what good it will do, but tell them I sent you! :)

As usual, completely intended to get pictures of the pizzas but devoured them before the camera surfaced.  Promise I will get better at this as we go!  I'll tell you though, we tried the Two Meat: local sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms with red sauce, and the Fall Pizza: roasted squash, tomatoes, spinach, onions and roasted garlic with olive oil -- both were amazing (I have to admit, I'm partial to the Fall Pizza because it's just so gosh darn peculiar).  Thanks, Winter Family!  Can't wait to bring more folks by next season!


  1. Happy Birthday yesterday!! I had no idea! And I love that you do something new every year although I daresay I will not be following you into the float tank thing. My deepest fear is to be trapped in a cave underwater and that is just too close for my comfort;)

  2. I would say so! You could always leave the door open and the lights on...though that may just defeat the purpose! ;)