Monday, October 31, 2011

Third Eye Blind

I had a dream the other night that I had three eyes, the third being in between the others where the metaphysical Third Eye would be.

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In my dream, I was walking and talking with friends and caught my reflection in a store window as we passed by.  There it was, this unmistakable Third Eye that was an actual, fully functioning eye. I was startled by its strange beauty, intrigued and in awe of it.  And then, in the middle of appreciating the wonder of it, I became distinctly aware that no one else had one.  The result?


In the dream I was suddenly gripped with fear.  Fear that people would think I was weird.  Fear that no one would understand.  Fear that no one would love me anymore.  Fear that I was different.  Fear that this part of me that I was enchanted with and in awe of would be considered ugly or freakish and I would be shunned.

I wonder...are we all born with a fully functioning Third Eye?  A connection to our spiritual selves, to the divine within -- the same divinity from which we just came?  I think we are.  I liken the Third Eye to our sixth sense -- a doorway to our intuition, that for most of us, as we approach school age, we let close because of peer pressure, to make nice, to get along.  Especially if we're not taught how to honor its wisdom.  The result is that it keeps trying to get our attention, as we have all the answers we need inside of us, and we struggle to remember how to really see, to access that wellspring of knowledge within us. We are hindered by our blindness.  For many, this remembering can occupy much of our adult lives. A great challenge, compounded in this culture that doesn't much value the esoteric, but the rational mind instead. My dream represents that struggle.

How many of us have gifts, talents, loves that we shun in ourselves out of fear because we're scared of what others might think if we developed them to the best of our ability?  How many of us pretend our biggest dreams and our deepest passions don't exist because we want to fit in -- because we're afraid to rock the boat?

What my dream didn't show was that we need to remember that we all have the same odd eye, the same intuitive pull, the same gut that provides us with much sought after information for us on the journey of our lives.  We need to remember that we all have hopes and dreams and are wishing in some way to live that inspired life directed from within.

What if, in honoring our own "Third Eye", we were granting permission to everyone else in our lives to honor theirs?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
It's off to trick-or-treat with the kiddos for me.  I had a mid-day enchilada to take care of lunch, which I was too busy at work to scrounge together, and dinner, which I will be too full of candy to enjoy!  This early dinner has supplied me with a good base so if when I indulge a little this evening, I can handle my sugar and still get to sleep tonight.

A safe, fun and happy Halloween to all!

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