Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Balance of Things

It has become clear to me in the past two weeks that daily blogging has the potential to take over a person's life.  Especially if that person has a passion to fulfill and is inspired to do everything possible to do it well.  Which I do.

I haven't been this attached to my computer since I was playing Farmville on Facebook.  Which I incidentally made myself quit cold-turkey one day because, well, I was too attached to my computer.  I couldn't reconcile the amount of time I was spending tending to my cyber-crops and my cyber-animals when my real-crops weren't getting watered and my real-dog wasn't getting walked.  Frankly speaking, I allowed it to waste too much of my time.  My choice to play, my choice to quit.  I just knew when it was getting to be too much.

In general, I eschew technology.  I'd rather be playing outside or reading a book than surfing the net, which is more a matter of principle than interest.  I've witnessed technology become too important in too many people's lives where they become a slave to it, rather than allowing it to be the time-saving, life-enhancing, tool I believe it was intended to be.  Again, it's a personal choice we all make, not a reflection on technology.  But the question remains...

Is it possible to do this well and not let it completely take over?

In this case, my dance with technology is not a problem, but a gauge.  I've been at this dance long enough to know that I am not a absorbed I get in all things blogging is completely up to me.  Technology is the tool that allows me to share the wonder of this experience with you and also holds the temptation to revert at times to my old way of life -- do too much, strive too much, expect too much of myself and this process.

As with all things, it seems to be a balance.  A creative tension that allows me to consider both sides of the coin and keep things in perspective at the same time. Which takes awareness and a willingness to connect with and listen to my continually consider the question, how do I feel right now?  And act from there.

So, the answer is yes -- it is possible.  The question that remains then is, how?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
Perhaps the food funk of the past six months has been valid -- we can be extremely busy people.  Which we've been these past couple weeks.  Lack of energy = lack of motivation.  Pretty simple equation.

Having the blog to motivate us has helped considerably, but we still have other changes to make.  I can't help but ask, how can we make a healthy, well-rounded diet accessible and fun when we have the reality of an active lifestyle to contend with?  How do we make it a priority in our lives?  Stay tuned to find out...

Tonight's menu?  It was intended to be stew.  But frankly, the weather's still too warm to make that as inviting as a chilly fall day would make it, so we'll wait.  Surely, it's right around the corner.

So, instead, we have (drumroll, please) Leftovers!  This is actually a conscious decision on our part...we've never been so great at making the most of the meals we do make.  Which means actually eating leftovers rather than pitching them in the compost bin or trash.  So tonight, we head to the fridge and eat what we can. Uninspired, maybe.  But realistic as well.  And a positive change we can make today.

Have a great night!

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