Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Squirrely

"A sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education." ~Smiley Blanton

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting out in the yard by the rain garden soaking up the sun and reading Food & Wine magazine.  After many chilly, overcast days, the sun felt glorious and I began to get sleepy.  My head settled effortlessly against the back of the chair and my eyes closed against the light.  A few minutes passed when suddenly, something was in my lap.  My head snapped up in enough time to see a squirrel launch itself off my leg and sprint across the yard.  I turned to watch him go as he looked back at me over his shoulder, mid-run, as if to say what I was already thinking...what the hell was that?


It was beautiful -- the kind of adventures in nature I love and am in awe of.  Laughing out loud with the glee of connection, I began to wonder what the squirrel might have been wanting to tell me, if indeed it had something (else) to say.

As I had drifted off to sleep -- pre-squirrel encounter -- it occurred to me that I had been thinking about my new project and what it might be.  My gut said that there was a message about my project in the timing of the squirrel's visit that I would be wise to pay attention to.  So I consulted with Squirrel in the book, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sans and David Carson -- my go-to guide for exploring any unusual animal encounter I might happen to experience.  What jumped out at me in the reading was this:

"If Squirrel has scurried into your cards today [or my lap, as the case may be], it may be that you are being told to honor your future by readying yourself for change.  The message could be to lighten your load if you have gathered too many 'things' that do not serve you.  These 'things' can include thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses..."

Ah, yes!  In my previous entry, I wrote about the many rules and worn out beliefs I have imposed upon myself over the years and how I am ready to let go and move on from this pressured way of being.  My intention then, is to more fully embrace my passion for exploring and learning by inviting new experiences into my life solely for their own sake -- not for how they might improve me.  Big changes!  This encounter feels like a nod from the Universe that I'm clearly ready to lighten my load.

Perhaps Squirrel hopped on by to let me know I'm on the right track in welcoming the new project, as yet undefined.  Perhaps it can grant me the courage to let go of whatever beliefs I've outgrown and to open up space for the new.

And perhaps the spontaneous laughter the squirrel's visit elicited from me is a clue as well...that whatever I choose to focus on, to make room for the fun, for there is great fun to be had!

Thank you, Squirrel.  I'm ready!//

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