Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the Beginning, there was fun...

Tonight was Terry's annual Fall Wine Show.  Yes, it's true, I'm married to a wine distributor...and it's...FUN!  With over a hundred wines on display from all over the world, friends joined us for this annual event.

Our friends Joan and Paul (through the wine glass) who own Fermentations Wine Bar and Bistro,

lots and lots of tasty wines from France and Austria and Germany,

our long-time buddies, Chrisy and Dave (22 years and counting!),

and our friends Jon and Nicole Ryan from Genz Ryan and Studio Bodair, respectively.  Who gave up their anniversary dinner to join us in this festive event.  Thanks, guys! :)

Many wines, many friends, much fun...and a perfect beginning to the new adventure.  This one can be posted under, FUN.//

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