Monday, December 19, 2011


Last evening, right before dusk, the most interesting thing happened...

Ten old cronies who haven't yet flown South, stopped by frantically searching for food. I just so happened to put a bunch of seed down yesterday afternoon.

Who knew??!?

Bella thought it was about the best thing that has ever happened to her! Should have seen her face when she caught them all putting their landing gear down, screeching to a halt past the patio door and scurrying up to the feeder.

Now, that's her kind of Christmas!

It was a feeding frenzy. I've never seen them vibrate so intensely. I only wished there was more seed out there...or at least the loaf of bread in the cupboard I meant to put out for the squirrels but didn't because I figured the squirrels didn't need it. I had no idea there would be ducks!

See, all the squirrels at our house of late remind me of Theodore from the Chipmunks...

...with their beautifully rotund tummies.

No one's starving around here. Although the ducks are certainly searching for sustenance on the frozen tundra. Good luck!

Glad we could help -- if only just a little!

That's it for this babushka-ed baby. It's crunch week ya'all! Beddie bye will come none too soon.

Peaceful dreams to all, and to all a good night!//

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