Sunday, December 11, 2011


What a beautiful morning we had! 30*F and on the breezy side, but as sunny and bright as a day this close to the Winter Solstice could be. We decided what better to do than to go to our favorite place and go for a snowy morning walk.

Only this time of the year could you have a shadow this tall! See Trooper's extra long tail?? : ) So much fun!

It was after 8:00 but we had the entire park to ourselves. I LOVE mornings like this!

T suiting up...

...and Trooper taking advantage of our solitary adventure by spending an extraordinarily long time sniffing.

I swear Trooper is a snow dog at heart, with her big snowshoe paws and her love of breaking trail. It would have been a perfect day to tackle the woods, but we had breakfast at Bunny's to attend to.

Duty calls!

This morning's entourage included second time grandparents and auntie celebrating my cousin Mandy's new baby boy, and my mom and my grandma.

And Sir Benedict!

There I go digging into my food before pictures again!

After breakfast, we ran a few errands... pick up supplies for the week, and then headed home for a long afternoon's nap. Much needed and well deserved!

Now, though, it's time for the...

12 Brews of Christmas!
For the tenth brew of Christmas, by true love picked for me...

...Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale!

I really like this beer! Light, highly effervescent, good flavor and spicy -- nutmeg, maybe a little ginger? Slightly sweet and hoppy. Yum!

Tonight's menu? Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers.

Have a beautiful night!//

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