Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They Are Back!

The ducks were back tonight...all ten of them! I was feeling bad because with so little daylight and work and such, I didn't have time to put down any seed.

So, I thought I'd see how hungry they actually were and went out while they were eating. I figured I'd either manage to feed them or...I'd get mauled.

It was a chance I was willing to take.

Believe it or not, they let me come out three different times -- with seed, bread, and water. A little skittish, as they should be, but easily herded, which helped.

Except for these drakes who weren't at all worried about their chances against me.

Little do they know! ;)

They ate well tonight. And didn't bite the hand that fed them.

There's the holiday spirit for you!

Go ducks! (right, Joan??)

Off to visit a friend in the hospital tonight, this darkest night of the year. Honor the dark, as lightness is right around the corner!

Peaceful dreaming!//

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