Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Frambozen!

Brrr! It actually felt like December today, which is saying something since it's been relatively unseasonable these past three or four weeks. 28*F, which wasn't too cold, but somehow it was really obvious it was below freezing. Funny how one becomes that sensitive to such things. A good reminder to wear my jacket (or at least a long sleeve shirt) when running from the bakery to my car.

Holy short-sleeved-shirt on December 1st in Minnesota Batman! Wowza!

I am so very excited it is finally the great month of December, because it means we must be ready for our first installment of...

The 12 Brews of Christmas!

Our friends at The Ale Jail have such an amazing selection of winter ales and Christmas brews...

...and they specialize in the "build your own" 6-pack concept that T and I picked out twelve of the most intriguing and fun looking winter ales and are bringing them from our house to yours!

Ain't blogging grand?

And I'm doing it in the beginning of the month so you can run right out and get your own to try them for yourself if you are so inclined. What better way to start the season?

Who knew December could be so much fun??!?

Well, the first brew of Christmas, that my true love gave to me... Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Colorado. LOVE THEM! And this beer is so full of delicious Raspberry flavors...

...just look at the ruby red goodness! So pretty! T's not one for fruit beers which is why I chose this one for tonight -- he's off doing a wine tasting, leaving me alone to start this adventure on my own (shucks, I have to drink the whole thing myself!). This beer is fruity in the way a good herbal tea is fruity -- lots of raspberry essence without anything overpowering. And I love brown ale. Perfect combo for me.

It was another long, busy day at work but tremendously productive which always fills me with hope that I have prepped so well for the holiday I can stop putting out fires and start riding that wave! Coasting through the next three weeks, able to slow down, connect, be present and participate rather than react.

Think it can happen?

It will take a miracle!

(Gotta love The Princess Bride...anyway, I digress.)

Actually, the magic of the season is already settling in. I left work in a frenzy -- should I go to Target to pick up the few things we forgot for the cat last night (well, for me actually -- must have a pooper scooper for the litter box!!!), should I go get my oil changed, should I get some shopping done. Nope. None of it. Long day called for going right home -- one of my revelations from actually getting some sleep last night...self-care is number one!

Anyway, as I turned towards home at the top of the block, it just so happened that T was turning the corner at the bottom and we reached the driveway at...exactly...the...same...moment. There's no way it could have been more precisely timed if we had planned it.

Get out!

The look of surprise on both our faces was priceless. As were the immediate hugs and kisses when we got out. Love it!

Love him!


So instead of feeling tired and in need of a rest as I was when I left work, I was energized and ready to start prepping the house for she-who-has-not-been-named who arrives tomorrow afternoon.

We are in so much trouble!

As I vacuumed the basement (her special hidey hole) and organized where things will know, litter box, food bowls, kitty bed, random paper bags, boxes, baskets that kitties love to goof around with (it is the basement after all)...I was transported more than twenty five years ago when I found my cat as a 6 week old kitten out in our driveway. Little Kitty (I know, original...right?) and her counterpart, Big Kitty (don't say it...) got into everything. It's what cats do.

It's been a really long time.

So I know it's impossible to kitty-proof the house. And yet, I can't help but try. I know we're in for adventure tomorrow when our new Little Miss comes home for good.

Until then...

...we have received an incredible amount of catalogs in the mail the past couple of days and I should really catch up with my favorites because I don't imagine I'll have many tranquil evenings in the near future.

I'm actually almost done shopping so it won't do much good to peruse, but what can I say...I'm a sucker for a good catalog. Beautiful photography, fun items. Rarely do I purchase, but it's so much fun to look!

Here's to a peaceful night...who knows what wildness tomorrow might bring??//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
With T gone, I went for the standby -- flatbread pizza. Tonight's was homemade pesto sauce pulled from the freezer and defrosted in the micro with lots of veggies since there are plenty still left from our pasta adventure a couple nights ago.

Zucchini, mushrooms,

red pepper,

fresh mozzarella,

and asparagus...I blanched it by boiling about an inch of water in a pan, dropped the asparagus in, turned off the heat and covered it. It sat in the water while I prepped everything else and when I was ready for it, it was ready for me!

So is she!

I keep telling her her kitty is coming home tomorrow and she keeps looking at me like this...what 'chu talking 'bout mama??!?

People keep asking if I'm worried about how they'll get along and I'm really not. Trooper is such an incredibly sweet-hearted dog, and in their brief visit, the new kitty is as well. My intention for them is that they'll become fast friends.

As long as kitty doesn't get to sleep in the bed.

Um...well...we'll have to work on that.

While my pizza baked, I snacked on the rest of the asparagus -- perfectly crisp and crunchy! With a little pesto for dipping. YUM!

Ah, beautiful! Hey, where you going little asparagus?? Looks like he's trying to make a break for it!

Beautiful and delicious, too.

Snug in my reindeer jammies and the catalogs are calling! Ready or not, here I come!

Snuggle up everyone and have a great night!

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