Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Nope, that's not her, but instead exemplifies just how I feel...plumb tuckered out and like I could snuggle up and sleep for days. What happened? Weren't we just on a little break? Was turkey day honestly only a week ago?

Ever feel like you've lived a lifetime in one day?

It's after nine and I'm just getting home after a day full of the usual work day, helping this evening to build gifts and plan for tomorrow's special indoor market we're doing for work, and taking the only time T and I have together in the next 48 hours to purchase the necessary kitty accouterments before our new family member comes home Friday. Factor in a brief dining adventure at a little Mexican restaurant near the pet store and you've got my wild day in a nutshell.

Tired yet of hearing how tired I am of being tired?

Me, too.

Meditation has fallen a bit by the wayside. I waved longingly at the elliptical as I passed it after checking the mouse traps a few minutes ago. T's already snuggled up in bed. Thankfully, my canine partner in crime is curled up on the couch waiting until I'm ready to head upstairs. Which can't come too soon.

And what I'm thinking about is how I don't want, under any circumstances, for the next three weeks to be a rushed series of items checked off my to-do list. I put my foot down. Do you hear me??!? I just won't have it!

Ever seen a 41-year-old woman throw a tantrum? It's not pretty. And I'm within inches of making it a reality.

So, being the ever-optimistic and constructive soul that I am, I ask myself...

Self? What can we do differently here so that the holidays are manageable, and dare I say it, enjoyable?


Sometimes asking the question is the most important part. Have you found yourself asking it yet this season?

If my mind quiets down long enough to actually become acquainted with a REM sleep cycle for the first time this week, I might get lucky and some divine revelation will strike.

What??!? Stranger things have happened.

I'll sleep on it and let you know what I come up with tomorrow.

(By the way, newest Moe Marek came through surgery this morning like a champ and is resting peacefully at the vet's office for the next two nights...ready to go toe-to-toe with her puppy soon! Nighty night kiddo!)//

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