Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Leisure is the exultation of the possible. ~Martin Buber

Huzzah! (seemed like an "exultation" sort of word...)

It's likely I should be taking this time to wax poetic about Thanksgiving, about the holiday season, about gratitude and humility and all of it, but not right now. Perhaps tomorrow??!?

No. Right now it is time for something else.  For a different kind of joy than the grateful for friends and family and the holiday season kind of joy. The main thing floating my boat in this particular moment is the fact that I am done with work for the week. As I sit to write, I find that I'm insanely and irrationally happy about having the next four days off.


Sometimes, any break is the best break.  And knowing it's longer than a weekend, two little old days, feels decadent and like I'm being spoiled.  Yes, we have two holiday gatherings that we'll be party to, but other than that, no plans.

Anything is possible.

How I adore that blank canvas stretched out before me. Minimal plans, negligible chores, just the open space of everything or nothing to build my days on. An opportunity to ask my heart what it wants and to truly listen, unencumbered by the usual obligations that pepper my work days.

Sleep in? Walks in the woods? Pancakes? Lay on the couch and read a book -- maybe even a WHOLE book? How 'bout some pancakes? Have a game night? Cook a fun dinner? Yoga class? Pancakes? Plant those pesky onion sets I got last week and didn't get in the ground because it snowed...and now it's 50 degrees out there??!? Call up a friend? More pancakes? More writing? Painting? Give myself a pedicure? Sit and watch the birds and the squirrels for as long as I'd like?

Go for a ride in the car (OK, that one was for Trooper's benefit as she is pacing around me, impatient with my clickety clacking) and get some Thai food for dinner (now my tail's wagging!) since T has to do a tasting this evening?

Did I happen to mention the pancakes? We really like our late morning breakfasts around here...

I'm being my dog, my heart and my stomach alike.

What will you allow to unfold this holiday weekend? Whatever it is, may it bring your heart joy.//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
Yep, you guessed it (wily ones that you are!) -- Thai food from Taste of Thaiyai. It occurs to me I may have written about them before. Hmm. I LOVE their food, they are a small family owned place near us and it is always fantastic.

Nice to know that my biggest decision tonight is what to order...either the glorious pad thai or another favorite, Pra Ram Long Song, peanut curry over steamed spinach. YUM!

As much as I've enjoyed our endless eating away from home this past week, I will be even more excited to do a little meal planning, buy some groceries and cook. You know, for a change.

Oops! I guess I do have a goal for my time off...

Relaxing evening to one and all! : )

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