Thursday, November 17, 2011


We awoke this morning to temps in the teens -- quite a switch from the weather we've been having. The plants in the gardens that were still flowering up until yesterday, have frozen and withered. Somehow, our apple tree still has leaves, green ones at that, but I don't imagine that will last long.  Buck Hill has even started making snow.

Ready or not, winter is coming.

The cold was especially startling this morning because I had been up half the night. Sleepy always makes me cold and makes true cold outside that much more harsh. I wasn't up half the night because I couldn't sleep, but because I was hijacked by the bug.

Anyone else infected with this?

Somehow I've chosen now to take advantage of the free 14-day membership -- I'm considering the possibility that I need to have my head examined. During the busiest time of the year? Really?? Before my free membership expires, I want to figure out everything I can about my family history and who came before me...without having to invest lots of money into it.

Last night, my foray into the past took an unexpected turn.

I'll have more details for you once I do a little more digging, but I was essentially following one line of my family back from colonial America to England and back and back and the year 1,000.  The beginning of the second millennium.

How is this possible?

I can hardly wrap my mind around it.  I kept thinking somehow I would hit a dead end.  I mean, how far could it go? But I didn't. It just kept going and going. At 2am and the year 1,001, after family members with names like "The Crusader" and "Pagan of Domesday" I made myself go to bed.

Who knows how much there is to find? Perhaps more than the last six days of my free trial period will allow.

Just thinking about it is making me sleepy all over again...

Does anyone have experience with  What incredible finds have you uncovered?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
After only few hours' sleep and a gratefully short work day, I had a nap and treated myself to a massage (Thanks, Nik!). I'm a puddle now and figured leftovers would do just fine for this chilly evening.  Mac and cheese and a local pepperjack brat from Prairie Pride Pork -- my stash from a farmer's market favorite.

How are you keeping warm this evening?

Good night!

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