Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful, Part Deux

Yep, today we head to Terry's brother's house and do it all again...full on turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, gravy. Our car will be full with us, T's parents and his aunt, whom we will pick up on the way. Trooper will have to sit this one out.

The big difference this time is a marginally shorter drive and a need to save room for dessert -- I have never liked pumpkin pie so traditional turkey day desserts doesn't phase me. T's sis-in-law's infamous Caramel Apple Pie on the other hand (I'll try to get the recipe for you later!)... I'm sugar-shaking in my boots already just thinking about it!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal, so I don't mind doing it twice. Ha! Actually, this is our third -- the first was with our friend's we hadn't seen in a long time last weekend. It would be unfair to lose count with all the hard work everyone's putting in. Again, so very grateful that we're off the hook this year. For as much as we love to cook, not cooking a holiday spread is pretty nice sometimes, too.

And with all the indulging, comes an even greater need for the elliptical...which still isn't usable yet, but I promise pictures when it is! Not that you haven't seen one before, but I think this one is cool.

Now, you may remember my post last January about joining and then canceling at the gym. About how I had no interest in owning exercise equipment, about how I was happier doing nothing than that kind of contrived exercise. Yes, it's true. It may just be this time of year, staring down the barrel of winter and knowing that while we'll still get outside, having our physical activity weather and daylight dependent is a challenge. So it gets me thinking about what we can do instead.

I'll call it being resourceful.

Yoga, most definitely. AND it's become clear in the past year that unless I am able to commit to a daily yoga asana practice -- which again, my mind loves the thought of but maybe my body not so much -- I need to find more. Cross-training. I am keenly aware of the need to find multiple things I can do that engage me, that I won't get bored with. Maybe the elliptical at home will be different?  Maybe the kind we got will be an improvement over what I've used before at the club. It isn't insanity if we're trying something somewhat new, is it?

Maybe it will be, but who's worth a try.

I do still agree that contrived exercise is a pain in the tookus. I still agree that I don't want to make my house a full service gym. But, if I have such an aversion to going to the club and being a gerbil on a machine with everyone else, it's worth a different kind of spin on the same old story.

Gotta keep moving.

A moving body is a happy body. Past injuries and ailments aside, there must be something that fits. It's important to keep exploring what works.

To find what works and help it stick. Today, I am more than a little grateful to be in a position to give this angle a go.

What have you found that works best for you?//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
Nothing. I imagine our earlier turkey day feast will be just enough to last all evening long.

What are you having?

A joyful evening to you and yours!

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