Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The conversation on the phone this afternoon went like this...

How was your day?

Exhausting.  Yours?

Yep.  Dinner?

No idea.  You?


And then, inspiration struck!

Sounds like a Burger night!

I think you're right!

Burger Jones, it is!

I love this graphic, and the picture -- looks like the guy is sitting right next to me!

Burger Jones came on the scene in Minneapolis a number of years ago but we've never been.  And then they brought it from the big city and planted it right in Burnsville.  A big city mouse restaurant south of the river?  Really??

'Tis true.  So even a country mouse and a city mouse posing as a country mouse can try an overpriced -- yet awesome -- burger and fries.  Or at least mine was great.

But I get ahead of myself.

In the beginning, there was beer...

Bell's Two Hearted Ale -- one of our favorites.  I have a soft spot for good tap beer.  It was happy hour so these big beers were only $4 apiece. Nice price.!

Then, there was the menu.  For having a name called "Burger Jones" and everything in the place having to do with burgers, I was surprised to see only a third of the menu be actual burgers.  Granted, they have the build your own and all, which was cool, the specialty burgers were few.

But we took our chances anyway.

I had the Green Chile Cheese burger...holy moly was this fantastic!

They serve their burgers on these little baking trays -- points for originality -- and this burger was spicy with pepperjack, salsa verde and the onion ring on the top was a nice touch.

The bummer?  Fries weren't included with our $9.99 burgers and while I love the fries (the same as is a Parasole restaurant after all...) the portion was small.  We wanted to share the fries but when we saw how small the portion was, we decided to put in an order of onion rings as well...

...and got three, count 'em, THREE onion rings...for $2.99 no less.  A dollar an onion ring?  Really?  And yet, in spite of myself, they were GOOD.

This is how T's burger was served.  Doesn't it look like someone already ate half of it?  Weird.  Anyway, he got the burger that seemed to be made for him...White Trash Burger -- real nice, no not because of the name!  Because it had "chicken fried bacon, cheese curds and lots of Velveeta".

Now, we buy Velveeta (couldn't live with the man without it) and this did NOT look like Velveeta.  Have to admit that we know this by the color...this wasn't the right color.  Could there be an off-brand of Velveeta (*shudder*)?  It's hard enough having the real thing in the house, to be honest. But we do. So there you go. We know our Velveeta.

The cheese curds were cold and a little on the funky side, and the bacon wasn't exactly chicken fried, but more like fish fried?  It was a cornmeal type breading that didn't really achieve its "chicken fried" mark.

So, it was a 50/50 split.  Expensive, mostly tasty.  We'd try it again some night when we were either jonesin for a crazy build your own burger or feeling very rich.

At least we could agree on the beer.//

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