Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here are the top ten shockers in my life today...

10. Our apple tree is still fully leafed in green!  Who does she think she is??

  9. A glass of wine sometimes makes a stressful day more bearable

  8. Singing therapy makes rush hour traffic not such a big deal

  7. Respectful communication amongst adults is more difficult than it seems

  6. Wild mushroom pizza and salad is the best dinner in the whole wide world

  5. Yellow can get no more beautiful than on countless trees on a late fall day

  4. Family tree research will suck out every moment of every hour if you let it...and it never ends (whew!)

  3. A new haircut and partial foil is a crabby girl's best friend (immediate mood change!)

  2. There was a dusting of snow on the roof this morning

And the #1 shocker of the day is:

  Mr. Smouse was not acting alone...and his follower apparently is not a fan of live traps (WHY??!?  I ask, WHY??!?)

T is dealing with smouse x 2 while we speak...//

What's For Dinner Tonight?
I admit to the occasional emotional eating episode.  I had every intention of eating leftovers, but after my haircut (see #3 above), I found myself near Whole Foods to pick up a few things.  There is a HomeMade Pizza store in the same area and it made me long for the days that there used to be one South of the River here in Apple Valley.  While lamenting this to the girl at the counter, she told me that all the equipment from this store was from that one. : (  I made appropriate frowny faces and clucking noises when she said that.  Too bad our suburbs couldn't support the whole food pizza movement...

Trust me...we did our part.

Anyway, I didn't have lunch today (getting to be all too frequent an issue lately) and upon seeing the store, was craving my favorite Wild Mushroom pizza with olive oil, thyme and fontina cheese.  They were having a special with a medium pizza and a salad for $20 so I figured, I'm on a salad kick...why not!

Pre-baked state...

Delicious caesar salad with shaved parmasean cheese and kalamata olives...I let them keep the anchovies!  Again, not a huge olive fan but these were really good...what's happening to me??!?

Opened a beautiful 2006 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.  To be clear, it is pronounced like "Willamette Dammit"...given that trick I will never ever mispronounce it again!  So favorite!

OK...the pizza pic is blurry...what's up with that?  Must have been my BLIND HUNGER!  Just as delicioso as I remember.  Thanks, HomeMade for still having a store I can find along my weary travels!

Have a fantastic night!

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